Frequently Asked Questions


What is ENABLE Youth Cameroon all about?

ENABLE Youth Cameroon is a development initiative that focuses on the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in agribusiness, within the framework of the Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (AVC_DP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Development Rural (MINADER). It aims to create decent jobs and business opportunities for young agricultural entrepreneurs, women and men, along the agricultural value chains in Cameroon.Outside Cameroon, other African countries are implementing or planning to implement the ENABLE Youth Program. These include Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone.

Who is funding ENABLE Youth Cameroon?

The Government of Cameroon has obtained a non-concessional loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the implementation of AVC_DP. As Enable Youth Cameroon is a component of the AVC_DP, the initiative benefits from this funding.

Who is implementing ENABLE Youth Cameroon?

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is implementing ENABLE Youth Cameroon, within the framework of an agreement signed on May 17, 2018, between ACV_DP and IITA.


In which regions the Aspiring Agripreneurs are they trained?

At the beginning, we intended to train the Agripreneurs in 5 regions: Centre, East, Littoral, South, and South-West. For reasons beyond our control, in 2019, the training will only start in the Centre, East, Littoral, and South.

The Aspiring Agripreneurs are they entirely covered by the Program?

During the 12 months training, the Program covers accommodation and the 3 daily meals of the trainees. They are also given a lump sum within the budget limitation of ENABLE Youth Cameroon.

How long does it take for each batch?

Each batch of agripreneurs is trained for 12 months.

The Agripreneurs selected are they only coming from the regions of Cameroon where the Project is implemented?

No. The program is opened to all the young Cameroonian who are filling the basic conditions, independently from their region of origin or residency.

I have been told that the Aspiring Agripreneurs earn 150,000 CFA francs per month. Is it true?

No, it is not. The Aspiring Agripreneurs are not “earning” a salary, as they are not employees. However, they receive a lump sum each month.

How much is the training fees of ENABLE Youth Cameroon?

0 CFA francs. The training is fully funded by the Program.

How many batches of Agripreneurs will be trained by the ENABLE Youth Cameroon?

ENABLE Youth Cameroon will train 3 batches of agripreneurs. The first batch started in 2019.

Is there a difference between a YABICs and a Host Institution?

A YABIC is a Youth Agribusiness Incubation Center where the Aspiring Agripreneurs are trained. The YABICs are the fruit of a partnership between the Program and some Institutions who agreed to host the Program. Though located in Host Institutions, YABICs are fully independent from them and are headed by YABIC Coordinators.


I wanted to be trained in Douala, and I have been sent in Bertoua. What happened?

Taking into consideration the high numbers of candidates per batch (512) and the limited numbers of YABICs (14), it is only possible to send the candidates with the highest marks in the Centers they have selected. The others are dispatched in YABICs according to their positions.

I want to change my YABIC with a friend who has also been selected and who has been sent in another region. Is it possible?

No. The Program is the only responsible to the repartition into YABICs.

I don’t want to be sent to this YABIC because I doubt the quality of the training that will be done there.

Although the YABICs are disseminated in 14 different locations in Cameroon, dispositions have been taken to make sure that all the trainees receive the same courses during the 12 months. The courses given in all the 14 YABICs are done by trainers selected and trained by ENABLE Youth Cameroon. All the courses taught are the same across the 14 locations.


Is the program also opened to young women?

Yes! Women are highly encouraged to apply to the Program. One of our objectives is to train 40% of women and have at least 40% of agribusinesses created, owned and managed by women.

I am a Cameroonian who is living in another country. Can I also apply?

Yes, you can apply. However, you will be asked to come back to Cameroon for the selection and training, as we are not doing online recruitment and courses.

What are the main criteria to be taken into consideration before applying to ENABLE Youth Cameroon?

3 main criteria must be taken into consideration when applying to ENABLE Youth Cameroon. The candidates who do not meet these conditions will not be accepted.

  1. Your nationality: the program is restricted to Cameroonian citizen
  2. Your age: the program is only opened to young Cameroonian from 18 to 35
  3. Your university level: it is compulsory to have a university level of BACC+ 2/Advanced Level +2 to be selected by the Program

I have not been trained in agriculture or entrepreneurship at the university, can I also apply?

Yes, you can apply. From the moment that you are a BACC+ 2/Advanced Level +2 you can apply to the program, no matter the field of study in which you have been trained. The training is not restricted to those who have been trained in agriculture or entrepreneurship.

I am interested in the program. How do I apply?

If you meet the above criteria, click on the following link to apply to the program.


Why have EYC-YABICs activities slow-down?

The program is facing organizational/administrative constraints that have impacted the training and monitoring of Aspiring Agripreneurs (AAs) in the YABICs. However, the EYC team has continued to follow up with the AAs from a distance. It is to solve the above-mentioned problems that an amendment to the agreement between IITA and MINADER was formulated and is currently awaiting validation and signature.

Will the installation package be available for all Aspiring Agripreneurs?

This will be clarified with the signing of the amendment to the agreement between IITA-MINADER. According to current forecasts, the installation package will be given to all Aspiring Agripreneurs whose business plans will be bankable following the terms agreed between AVC – DP, AfDB, and IITA/EYC.

What does the installation package consist of and what does it do?

Again, IITA/EYC does not have the authority to communicate on aspects of the Convention that have not yet been validated. Upon signature of the Amendment, such details will be validated and then communicated to all interested parties.

Under what conditions will Aspiring Agripreneurs be helped to carry out a good market study and to make their business plan bankable?

As far as the first cohort is concerned, only the YABIC of Yabassi has not yet carried out its market studies due to the constraints relating to the Signature of the Amendment. The other 13 YABICs have already carried out their market studies and EYC has facilitated transport, accommodation, refreshments, letters of introduction, and terms of reference with all the necessary guidelines set out inclusively in the TOR.

Will the YABICs be provided with equipment to help Aspiring Agripreneurs blossom (Internet connection, television, radio, sports equipment).

When activities resume, IITA/EYC will communicate transparently on the new arrangements in the YABICs, thus removing any grey areas.

When will the YABICS effectively resume activities?

As soon as the amendment to the agreement between IITA-MINADER is signed, a communication will be sent by the management of the EYC project regarding the timetable for the resumption of activities in the YABICs.

What will happen to Aspiring Agripreneurs who have found employment when the Program resumes?

One of the main goals of EYC is to reduce the rate of youth unemployment. AAs who are not able to resume incubation because they have obtained a job will be recognized and classified as such.

Over what period and according to what schedule will the activities be spread out when the current incubation resumes?

The timetable for the first cohort and the duration will be communicated individually to the Aspiring Agripreneurs once activities resume. All this is of course, is determined by the signature of the Amendment.

In the case of our AAs colleagues who passed away during the training, what arrangements has the Program made to honor their memories and provide relief to the families?

IITA / EYC has done its best to support affected families during bereavement and funerals. With the signing of the amendment and with the clarification of the situation before the signature of the amendment, IITA/EYC will determine, in collaboration with the AVC – DP and the AfDB, the best way to assert what is right.

What will be the new food ration arrangements?

The amendment includes clear arrangements on this matter and the terms and conditions will be transparently communicated to the AAs so that they are aware of them. IITA/EYC has been in contact with the AVC – DP and the AfDB to make relevant proposals.

When will you finalise the recruitment campaign for the second cohort of Aspiring Agripreneurs that has been underway since last year?

It is the signing of the Amendment that will allow us to update the recruitment schedule. Each candidate selected for oral interviews will be informed personally.

What is the actual situation of the Aspiring Agripreneurs in relation to the accommodation sites? Some are being released and some are facing pressure from the service providers.

To date, IITA / EYC is still the technical partner of the AVC – DP and therefore has not taken part in the agreements binding the AVC – DP with the service providers. So, at this stage, IITA/EYC cannot give its opinion on this issue. As soon as we get more information on this subject, we will not delay in sharing it with all the Aspiring Agripreneurs.

Can we have the exact amount of the stipend? Why is this a mystery?

This decision remains the responsibility of the AVC – DP until the signature of the Amendment. Upon signing of the Amendment, the AAs will be informed of the situation of the stipend as defined in the amendment.

What is the status of professional internships in the enterprises and the implementation of pilot enterprises?

IITA / EYC is currently in contact with some agro-industries / agro-institutions to negotiate internship conditions in order to finalise MoUs with them once activities resume. Aspiring Agripreneurs will therefore be able to follow the courses as foreseen by the Program

The pilot enterprises will be implemented in all YABICs as soon as funds are available.

Due to the outdated uniforms (shirts and jackets) will the Aspiring Agripreneurs have new ones? And in the same way, what about identification tools such as badges and business cards?

When activities in the YABICs will resume, the program will facilitate the production of identification tools and the renewal of uniforms and other communication material.

What about health coverage and care for AAs during training? (No first-aid kit).

This aspect will be clarified in the Amendment to the Agreement. AAs will be informed of the new arrangements.