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IITA’s approach to engaging youth in agriculture and generating employment

In 2011, under the leadership of Dr. Nteranya Nsanginga, D.G. of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), a youth-led development initiative was initiated in Ibadan, Nigeria. The initiative was called IITA Youth Agripreneurs Strategy, commonly referred to as IYA. It was created to serve as a model to encourage young people to go into agriculture and prove that the youth can succeed in the agricultural value chains, be directed towards market-oriented agriculture, agribusiness, and/or agro-service provision if given proper training, opportunities and incentives.

IYA Initiative to the ENABLE Youth Program

From the IYA Initiative to the ENABLE Youth Program

The ENABLE Youth Program is a continental scale-up of the IYA Model. ENABLE is used for “Empowering Novel Agri Business-Led Employment for Youth in African Agriculture”. The Program which combines the vision of IITA and the African Development Bank (AfDB) is implemented by IITA, with funding from AfDB. ENABLE Youth is a program that aims at developing the next generation of African entrepreneurs in agriculture. The overall goal of the Program is to contribute to job creation, food security, nutrition, rural income generation and improved livelihoods for youths in both urban and rural areas.